My Four Years Experience In Blogging Brings A Lot Of Failures, Challenges And Success

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The first time I started Blogging was in 2016. I was searching for how to make money online and I came across many articles online written by Nigerian bloggers. Very curative and informative, a lot of them explaining why Blogging is the best way to make money online in Nigeria legitimately.

I was impressed and flabbergasted to the extent that I started searching for how to create blog immediately. Thanks to Harsh Agrawal (Indian pro blogger) the founder of I was trapped on his blog and feel inspired after reading how Harsh has been making millions of dollars online.

I asked myself a question "...And so does Nigerian Bloggers making such money online???". My research turned over to Google home page and I searched "how many Bloggers making money online in Nigeria"..Boom!!!..To my surprise, Linda Ikeja was ranked first on the list. I read about Linda Ikeji, it was like a dream to me the first time I saw her networth. Oh my God, I can't really believe this....biiiiiilions of Naira!!!

Among the rest are the founder of ogbongeblog, bellanaija, naijaloaded and others which I can't list here. But I'm going to write about them one after the other including their networths, pictures, full name and biography. In order to get notified once I publish the article you can Click to subscribe to my updates

I was so so inspired by Linda Ikeji and Harsh Agrawal because of the way they are making it BIG online. I feel so keen to start Blogging all because I want to make money online not knowing that I'm taking the wrong direction. YES! I MEAN IT.

My research continued after which I learned that there are two popular Blogging platforms which are WORDPRESS and BLOGSPOT. The former is self-hosted  platform (you pay for every shit you uploaded on the platform) while the leter is a free-hosted platform ( you do everything for free but you pay for it with your time and energy).

Since I don't have money to pay for web hosting and I'm not that too tech-savvy back then in 2016, then I decided to launch new blog on blogspot platform which I can't remember the URL anymore. Eventually, I quit Blogging in 2016 because of the following reasons:

  • Firstly, My education>>> Back then I was in 200level. So, I decided to quit Blogging and  focus more on my studies. 
  • Secondly, I took the wrong direction>>> my AIM was to "get rich quick" not knowing that Blogging is a long way journey.
  • Thirdly, Blogging challenges>>> the SEO (search engine optimization) stuff, contents creation stuff and profitable niche stuff.
My Blogging mistakes in 2016
  1. My first mistake was I don't give time to learn Blogging before I started Blogging.
  2. Having the habit of "get-rich-quick"
  3. Not knowing the actual and lucrative niche that can make me money from my blog.
  4. Being discouraged about Blogging on free-hosted platform (blogspot).
  5. Giving excuses in 2016 despite that I wanted to focus on my studies.
I bet you most Nigerian Bloggers face the same challenges and keep failing without making any changes.

Reasons why I said that I took the wrong direction from the initial stage

This is the biggest mistake I have ever made in my Blogging journey and I was fool enough to repeat the same mistake after I resumed Blogging in 2018. I finally realized that this is the reason behind my failure over the past 4 years. In 2018, I launched a new tech blog ( because many Bloggers have been shouting that tech niche is the most lucrative niche in blogosphere. YES! it is.. They are right but honestly some of these Bloggers don't even know what they are writing.

The fact is that the success of each Blogging niche (e.g education, health, how-tos, lifestyle, entertainment niche etc) depends on your targeted audience. What ever you are Blogging about if you target your audience wella you will surely generate huge income from your blog.

Therefore, I took the wrong direction by running a tech blog all because I want to make money online not knowing that tech niche is not that profitable in Nigeria. My target was to get blog readers from Nigeria while the most lucrative niche in Nigeria is entertainment niche.

Despite that I got a lot of sponsored adverts in 2019 and I make not less than 100$-150$ per each advertisement but I still took the wrong direction. Most Nigerian Bloggers will tell you that entertainment niche is saturated, there is higher competition in entertainment niche and bla bla bla.

Just because they believed they can't do it and they wanted you not to do it. SHAME!!!

I was on the second wrong direction by keeping pushing and not making fun from my blog all because I wanted to make that shitty money online. I always create contents to attract advertisers, start-ups and big companies.

DON'T put money first if you want to succeed in Blogging. Focus on creating contents and engage with your audience

Indeed, I conquered achievements, I was able to run sponsored ads and promotions (especially from bet sites, affiliate companies and start-ups in Nigeria and USA) but I still didn't love what I'm doing. I was just pushing because I only need the money. I'm not a bragging type but you can check the screenshots below as a clean prove.

Screenshot 01

Screenshot 02

Screenshot 001

Screenshot 002

I can't keep uploading screenshots here but honestly there are many of them. My message to Nigerian Bloggers (especially the newbies) is for them to know that Blogging is not all about making millions online. You can't compare yourself with those making big money from their blogs. Just play your game and catch fun as long as you can renew your web hosting annually (if you're using WordPress) with the little you're making. At least you can buy a sneakers and buy a new bra for your girlfriend.

Honestly, Blogging is fun, Blogging is passion and Blogging is business. Depending on the direction you take. If you take a look at top successful Bloggers in Nigeria, most of them are entertainment Bloggers and passionate about their Blogging and all what it takes.

They create happiness for themselves through Blogging and make their audience happy, they create engagement between them and their audience. That is the life I ever wanted not only the shitty money I have been making from Blogging.

Why I quit and focus on naijabloggersgossip (NBG)

The reasons are obvious, I can't keep shouting because of money anymore. I need the happiness in Blogging. As people says "money cannot buy happiness". What a nacked truth!

I decided to taste the happiness to the marrow and create engagement with my audience. I believe Bloggers in my community would be like "oh why have you been sticking to blogspot all this while???"
Well, that is what I have been learning in the past 2 years and I really enjoy Blogging on blogspot not even because it's a free-hosted platform.

Most bloggers think that someone cannot make money with blogspot blog. Some will go further to tell you that your blog is not looking professional, you cannot attract advertisers with blogspot blog, you won't get organic traffic and bla bla bla. My brother who SERP epp?!

Using WordPress will not make you ranked first on Google. Wait oo! What is the benefit of ranking first on Google?...Why will you kill yourself because of ranking number 01 on Google???

The best SEO is creating engagement with your audience, once they feel entertained, welcomed and involved they will keep visiting your blog on daily basis. Stop flushing your blog with null plugins and all those useless SEO tricks online written by selfish Bloggers just to convert you to their customer. Therefore, your contents and engagement with your blog readers is a source of your traffic and clean proof of your professionalism in blogosphere. Let your blog speak for you.

Success and progress begins after I changed my direction

I failed and keep failing. Ending of 2018, I decided to change my direction. I started researching on the secret of successful Bloggers and I came across nail Patel's blog. Nail Patel is SEO expert and one of the most successful and famous blogger in the world. I digested a lot of meaningful contents from his blog. I could remember one of his post where he quoted "if you want to hide a secret from an illiterate person write it in a book. They will never read it." the quote was funny to me but I leter realized that it's a nacked truth which I can't deny. He also stated that "there is no valuable contents on the internet that can make you a successful Blogger; the secrets are hidden in online courses and e-books". I learned my lesson from this little quotes from Nail Patel.

I started searching for best Blogging e-books and amazingly, I landed on the BEST BLOGGING E-BOOK by problogger. I took the risk and buy the e-book, the risk that changed my direction. I found all the secrets that I wanted to know in blogosphere, the truth and dare of Blogging, the tips and tricks.

Surprisingly, problogger went extra-mile and revealed how he used to confuse clients and generate a leads that convert to sales....hhh really funny but f*cking truth.

The lesson I learnt was you can blog about anything and everything and make money out of it so far you target the right audience. I learnt that relying on Google AdSense to make Money online is a waste of time. No wonder non of them is using it.

I also learnt that the most successful Bloggers make money from affiliate marketing and sponsorship. And how they used to target advertisers as well as how advertisers used to know whether your blog can help their business by promoting their products/services to your audience (blog readers). Now, it's time to unleash the beast!

This year (2020) brings a lot of success as we started getting sponsorship on NBG from big brands in Nigeria and out side countries, and indeed, brands that appreciate what we can offer to their businesses.

Typical life of anonymous blogger

A big thank to farmfunded (Nigeria largest agricultural business market place) and swappa ( trusted mobile phones and gadgets e-commerce website in USA) for choosing us as a medium to outreach their products/services to our large number of audience. We look forward to work hard and build the audience that really matters. Follow your passion and also be consistent. Surely, your success will locate you!

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